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This is what I'm about. 

No extras, AND no less either.

Take it, leave it: love it, hate it.   

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educator, writer, speaker, life seeker

die-hard hiker

everyday walker

yoga instructor

horrible singer

average dancer

movement enthusiast



Stories are conceptual art of awareness and understanding.  Book me for your next event.


My partnership with Sonic Factory Studios & JABBERMOUTH Media can be the pathway to bringing your next idea to life.


I will likely never publish a hard copy text; in quite epic & unpopular honesty, I just don't care to use my time in that manner,  However, my words will continue to find their way into this world in ways of which you won't be able to ignore.  


I am grateful for all the coaching & mentorship in my life.  Conversation is critical; contact me for transformational dialogue.


Allyn, goes by Ali

"Love is time and space measured by the heart."  ~Marcel Proust

Spaces are interesting. The openness of our hearts, the headroom of our minds, the capacity of our bodies and the pure vastness of our lives.  

The space is where the magic happens; it's where the heart exists. It is the place where we gain insight, where we shift, where we expand and where we have no choice but to locate our identity compass.

The space is what makes life three-dimensional and real.


Thank you for choosing this space today. 

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