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for as long as i can remember, i knew nature would help me find my way

How do I know where to go? I listen. I put my heart over my head, even just for a few moments, and let my intuition lead the way . 

I have made a loving life of solo-travel and exploration; the physical practice of silence and the intentional anchor of stillness is my pathway to insight & growth.  This page will not provide you with every inch, nor any exact detail to plan your own authentic adventure; I would never steal that from you.  The journey is for you to discover, determine and create.  This is simply the nudge and, perhaps, the  inspiration, curiosity and motivation you've been seeking.  If so, then go.  

Do I ever get scared?

Yes, I get scared.  Absolutely terrified in moments. 

Fear is a partner to bravery, and therefore, unavoidable within any life quest.  But I know my breath; I know my gut & I know my heart.  

I trust my intuition knows the way and that every previous experience has led me to this.  I am safe.  

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