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I. You. We (and other definitions)

Last week, I wrote about the rhythmic patterns of song that can bring comfort during moments of crisis, challenge, uncertainty, grief and mourning.

Leaning into music as a great healer has always been a key life strategy;

not only does it provide cadence among chaos,

it prepares a flow for moving forward.

Transferring a tempo into a verse of mental-mantra keeps the mind healthy and the heart engaged:

I am strong.

I am brave.

I am peaceful.

I am wise.

Emotionally, these four sentences rebuild foundation.

Physically, the body pulls out of numbness and reintegrates.

Intellectually, we are allowed to redefine these words within our own season of life.

Strength ~

the stamina to push your boundaries with grace and elegance.

I will accept life to be challenging and appreciate when it is so.

I will lift my gaze, knowing stillness and movement will each need their place.

Bravery ~

the spirit to share your heart.

I will not be silent when there are words to be spoken.

I will extend energy through my fingertips in protection of what is honest.

Peace ~

the truce between ourselves, others and the world.

I will learn to ride waves and let go of expectation.

I will find lightness and length to resist certainty's seduction.

Wisdom ~

the poise to recognize that every past moment has prepared for the present.

I will value my experience for insight and ignite my intuition for guidance.

I will breathe.

These are my current definitions and I welcome you to discover your own.

I understand that I am part of something far greater than myself,

and that our co-existence matters.

I am strong, you are strong, we are strong.

I am brave, you are brave, we are brave.

I am peaceful, you are peaceful, we are peaceful.

I am wise, you are wise, we are wise.



"You are a gift"

I am so glad you are here and I hope these words have found you at the right moment.  Your time, energy & presence is noticed and appreciated.  

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